Officer dubbed 'Romo's Bitch' wants an apology


Lt. j.g. Steve Crowston asked to meet with Adm. John Harvery by way of a formal request for an admiral’s mast hearing.

The junior officer who was given the not-so-flattering call sign of “Romo’s Bitch” by his is squadron mates is now looking for an apology from his chain of command.

Lt. j.g. Steve Crowston, the Dallas Cowboy fan who said he was the subject of anti-gay harassment in his squadron, has requested an admiral’s mast with Adm. John Harvey, commander of Fleet Forces Command.

“There’s nothing that says an apology can’t happen,” Crowston told Navy Times reporter Bill McMichael. “I think someone in this Navy chain of command does owe me an apology.”

Beyond the apology, Crowston is also looking for answers on the Navy IG’s review of the original Naval Air Force Atlantic Inspector General’s 2010 review, which substantiated just four of Crowston’s 19 allegations — incidents that he describes as “workplace harassment.”

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