Not wanting to go Solo, Army captain Hopes for a date


U.S. WNT goalie Hope Solo / AP

If you haven’t been following all the invites from the Marine Corps, it’s becoming a bit of a trend to ask out a celebrity on YouTube. Now the Army is getting into it.

Meet U.S. Army Capt. Nassar Jabour. He would like U.S. Women’s National Team goalie Hope Solo to join him in Vienna, Austria for his officer’s ball in January. The video itself is a bit out-dated because it was filmed before the U.S. lost to Japan on Sunday, but he wishes the team luck before the biggest game of their careers.

No word on whether Solo has accepted or even heard about his invitation. Since the Women’s World Cup began, there’s been an onslaught of reports about Solo’s dating status, but hopefully Capt. Jabour will hear something soon.




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