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Inspired by the Navy SEALs and their insignia, Michigan football coach Brady Hoke has given each player a trident.

New University of Michigan football coach Brady Hoke is walking into a rough situation, taking charge of a program that fell flat on its face a number of times during Rich Rodriguez’s three-year tenure in Ann Arbor.

So Hoke, formerly coach at San Diego State and Ball State, wants to instill a fighting spirit in his players.

What better way to do it than to spotlight Navy SEALs?

No Ron Burgundy jokes here, folks – Hoke has given each one of his players a trident.

The players are buying in.

“We’ve been studying them a lot,” defensive lineman Will Heininger said about the SEALs. “Coach Hoke has a great respect for them, as do we, as a team, and he taught us about them.”

Each trident has a player’s name on it, and the tridents are now hanging in Michigan’s football building.

Added Heininger: “There are some lessons we can learn from what they do.”

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  1. Have the U of M give each Navy Seal a Masters Degree as a symbol from the football team who did not sacrifice their lives and complete SEAL training to preserve this country’s freedom, but shared the work ethic idea.
    Trident is a specialty ranking insignia issued by the US Navy.
    Has to be earned in the US Navy and worn by the earner. Last time I checked the football team was not in SEAL, or BUDS training in California.
    The U of M campus is where the football team is located is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am sure the Navy Seals will not be given “M” letter to hang in their foxhole, or where ever they are located in harms way 365/24/7 per year.
    Being a Navy veteran and familiar with the Seals, a football team coach using the Trident insignia issued by a non SEAL instructor to a non- Seal trained, non-military football team appears to be a little over the top towards respect for our finest in the military.
    On the other hand, this football season in Ann Arbor maybe something any one has never seen before. We may have football players jumping out of planes onto the field at Michigan Stadium, swimming to the stadium locker room in 100 feet of water, or doing hand to hand combat on the 50 yard line with Ohio State and the refs will set 200 yards in penalties because both the Michigan football team and NAVY SEALS are not the same, but they both kick tail and are winners.
    Isn’t great football season has started again and there is satellite TV worldwide.

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