Marine among victims of Taser-wielding Cowboys fan


Another NFL season, another embarrassing episode of violent fan behavior at a game.

Somehow a Dallas Cowboys fan managed to get a taser into Metlife Stadium on Sunday — despite the supposedly increased security on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The fan then got into a fight (shocker, the guy with the taser got into a fight? What were the odds?) and proceeded to use his weapon on some New York Jets fans, according to the police.

One of the fans shocked by the taser was an unidentified Marine, according to various media reports. The Marine was allegedly annoyed by Taser Guy’s unwillingness to stand up, shut up and remove this hat during the pregame ceremonies.

Here’s an account of the incident from the New York Daily News:

The melee erupted after a Marine became annoyed at McKelvey and his friends for not taking their hats off or standing during the National Anthem and speaking loudly during “Taps” and “Amazing Grace.”

Witnesses told cops McKelvey got into a fight with the Marine, who was sitting at the end of his row in section 324 and refused to let him out to go to the restroom at halftime.

McKelvey pulled a stun gun from his pocket and fired, hitting the unidentified Marine in the neck and sending him tumbling down six rows, witnesses told cops.

Facepalm, facepalm, facepalm.

But really, none of this should be surprising if you’ve been to a college or NFL game lately. And hey, at least nobody was shot at this game.

Read the full account on the Daily News website.

Video of the incident was posted to YouTube, of course:


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