Uniforms for UNC-Michigan State game on Carl Vinson unveiled


The Michigan State and North Carolina men’s basketball teams will wear school-color camouflage-style uniforms to honor the military during the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic on Veterans Day aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in San Diego. On Monday, the Spartans showed off the camouflage-patterned unis they’ll wear — white with a light green pattern and bordered with the school’s traditional dark green.

Michigan State's basketball uniform for the Nov. 11 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic. // Photo courtesy of Michigan State University

North Carolina’s design, unveiled Oct. 26, will feature a deep blue camouflage pattern over the traditional Carolina blue.

UNC's uniform for the Nov. 11 game. // Photo courtesy of the University of North Carolina.


The back of UNC's uniform. // Photo courtesy of the University of North Carolina.




Neither team will have player names on the back of the jerseys. Replacing the names will be “U.S.A.”, as shown on the right:





“I think the uniforms are pretty cool,” Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said. “They definitely put the spotlight on our military, and that’s what this is for.”

That Carolina blue on the UNC uniforms ought to play well with the sailors in the joint military crowd of roughly 7,000. Frankly, it could almost work as a new Navy working uniform pattern … a prospect the fleet, given what seems like near-constant seabag changes over the recent past, no doubt hopes does not materialize for at least a couple more years …


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  1. Will these uniforms be available for the general public to purchase anywhere, my son loves them. Thank you.
    Cheryl Bickel

  2. Cheryl: I have no idea, but you might check the schools’ web sites and look for a link to their school bookstores, which generally market school-labeled garb and such. Good luck! — Bill

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