Army-Navy spirit spots: Go Navy edition


The Dec. 10 Army-Navy game is approaching, which means it’s Spirit Spot time. Here’s the newest ones from the sea service. Let us know in the comments which ones you like the best.

Video 1: The Allstate parody


Not a bad video, little strange, but great use of bag-pipes. Grade: B

Video 2: Dodge Challenger parody


Again, not a bad video, but having a Challenger would’ve been nice. Also, who owns the Aston Martin? Grade: B-

Video 3: Stop animation


Very creative, although pushpin violence never solves any problems. Grade: B-

Video 4: The Wobble


Nice to see a dance video again, but will “wobbling” over Army really win the game? Grade: C

Video 5: Dom at West Point


I’ve always wondered the correct pronunciation of OORAH and now I still don’t know it. Lt. Dan is also a personal hero of mine and no, Samuel L. Jackson was not a Marine. I think.  Grade. B+

Video 6: Sexy and I know it


Catchy pop song, Navy Midshipmen dancing. Classic formula, decent execution. Grade: C

Video 7: Be an Angel


I’m not a fan of these commercials, I always change the channel so I don’t end up in tears. But, in this case, it works. Grade: B+

Video 8: Dexter Response


For those who haven’t seen this video, the above one is a response to it. Nice response to a strange video: Grade: A


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  1. Great stuff as usual, but last years spots were better 🙂 Although I can’t wait to see these while at the game…. AGAIN….. this year. GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!

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