Spirit Spots: Army Edition


Operation Wide Right


Like to see leadership getting involved. Not a West Point grad but a proud member of the Marshall Thundering Herd, kudos to Maj. Gen. Anthony Crutchfield, head of U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, for getting involved. Would have preferred video of a helicopter flyover that has happened at previous Army-Navy games. Grade B-

Task Force Arctic Wolves


Bill the goat is outraged. How dare those soldiers take one of his Afghan brothers and don a “Sink Navy” sweater on him. Simple and to the point deployment spot.  Wonder how many of the soldiers standing behind the colonel could name one of Army’s players. They look less than enthused. Extra points for including members of the Afghan army.  Grade C

Get off the boat Navy!


Broadcaster Chris German’s facial expressions make this video one of the best of the bunch thus far. Impressed they could include some actual humor in an official spirit spot. Grade A

Belly Flop edition


Anytime you throw a guy off a 10 meter platform you’re getting points from this guy. I’m not one with heights. First one I’ve seen where the crew did their own stunts. Granted, it’s the Army swimming and diving team’s spot so it’s probably not too out of bounds for them. But that’s a wicked belly flop. Grade A-


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