Spirit Spots: Navy edition


FSU Thetas fire it up


Folks we have a winner. Best spirit spot of the year goes to the Theta ladies at FSU. Fellow After Action staffer Blair might disagree, but she’s been out voted. Well done ladies. Glad to see so much patriotism down in Tallahassee. Grade A+

Fresh Prince


Can’t say I’ve ever seen a spirit spot quite like this one. An Army and Navy guy battle for the phone number of a lady in their version of the Army-Navy game. Fresh Prince gets thrown under the bus and the Navy guy wins the day. Still befuddled on the inspiration for this one or why it was staged on a track. Grade C

Action Figure Therapy


Similar to the previous action figure spirit spot we’d advise turning down the volume on this one if you’re at work. This sailor has some salty language. But some fine hilarity all around from a man made of plastic. Grade B+

Pump it up


Is it me or does this spirit spot seem ripe for the parody picking up in West Point for next year’s game? Grade F


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