Navy homecoming update: More on special guests Spacey, Robinson (w/video)


First, here’s another picture of Kevin Spacey in the crowd for Saturday’s Navy homecoming game. Just because.

(US Presswire photo by Evan Habeeb)

Spacey’s in Baltimore to film “House of Cards,” a direct-to-Netflix TV series (with one heck of a poster) he’s co-producing with David Fincher, director of “Se7en,” “Fight Club” and “The Social Network,” among other big-ticket movies. And as After Action showed you over the weekend, he apparently cleared some time to catch the Mids rally to down Indiana 31-30 in Annapolis, improving their record to 4-3 on the year.

While The Baltimore Sun reports he’s “rumored” to have joined in with midshipmen for some on-field pushups, this pic from Eye on Annapolis makes it pretty clear he did just that. We also know his scrambled-eggs ball cap references Shakespeare’s “Richard III”; Spacey played the title role in a touring production that wrapped up earlier this year, and his character in “House of Cards” is inspired by the king.

When a fan asked the folks manning the official academy athletics Twitter feed why Spacey was in attendance, he got this in response:

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We’ve reached out to the academy for a bit more detail. If they come back with, “I couldn’t possibly comment,” we’ll at least know everybody’s on the same page.

Speaking of stars, even at homecoming there’s a hierarchy — an Academy Award might get you on the field for pushups, but to give a speech in the locker room after a big win, you better be an admiral. Or The Admiral:


Key quote: “Every time I see you guys, you make me proud.”


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