VIDEO: Former mid's academy-themed football collection dates back to 1890s


Watch this video from our good friends at the Cincinnati Enquirer, then head back for a bit more backstory:

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Gerry Motl, former Navy football player, Annapolis Class of ’68 and star of the above video, sat down with the Enquirer’s Rachel Richardson for this interview outlining some of the highlights of a football memorabilia collection that pretty much covers the history of Army, Navy and Notre Dame football.

How far back does it go? The first of 20 photos highlighted on that Enquirer page should give you some idea — the one with the newspaper headlines reading “Forward pass has eager defenders” and “Pass is here to stay.” And that’s not nearly the oldest piece featured.

The entire package is well worth a look for football history buffs and service-academy fans … and anybody who knows a good publicity photo when they see one.


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