Navy's future football home unveils new logo, confident website


The American Athletic Conference: Red, white, blue and proud.

If the Navy’s still seeking help in its motto department, it need look no further than its academy’s future football conference.

The American Athletic Conference has officially debuted its new logo — that’s it on the right — along with a new website, which isn’t shy about touting the league’s impending success. Per the site:

  • The league is about to “write a new chapter in the history of college athletics.”
  • It “excels on every college athletic stage in every major sport.”
  • It’s “The American,” for short, not the “AAC.” That’s too close to the ACC, league officials say.

Logos with the word “American” will be available for schools to use on their fields, commissioner Mike Aresco told our good friends at USA Today, noting that Navy might not be excited to emblazon its gridiron with a gigantic “A” that looks a little like the Army logo.

The website also promises a stable membership, which could help bury lingering rumors of expansion. Further details will come July 1, when the conference officially launches. Navy begins as a football-only member in 2015 and would be the league’s 12th team, if that whole stability thing works out.

A 12-team league would be allowed to stage a championship game, which would be played the weekend before the traditional Army-Navy game, in all likelihood. In theory, Navy could win the 2015 AAC American title before facing Army for the Commander in Chief’s Trophy, then play in a postseason bowl game.

That might be getting a little ahead of things, but to be a good fit with this new league’s image, the Mids could do with a bit of bragging about future achievements.


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