VIDEO: Air Force coach Troy Calhoun breaks out his best Bogart in ‘Casa Azul’


First, watch the video. Then, gather the appropriate Academy Awards nomination paperwork and ship it to Colorado Springs. Then, check below for some details:

For those who doubt the introductory graphics — and who could doubt something with that music behind it?— that’s really Air Force head football coach Troy Calhoun, belting out some slightly modified dialogue from “Casablanca,” a cinema classic that predates the Air Force Academy by about a dozen years.

Not only is Humphrey Bogart on the sideline, but so is the booze — a sports drink fills in for a nice bit of product placement. And the movie’s familiar piano soundtrack gets a makeover at the clip’s end thanks to a bit of the service’s official song. It’s all designed to promote the new-look USAFA athletics site; all three service academies have made some changes to their online look this season, some more than others.

How did Calhoun stack up against the original? Judge for yourself:

Air Force opens its season at home against Morgan State on Sept. 5.


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