Author Oriana Pawlyk

Well, here’s one response to the Navy’s iPhone parody. Two falcon mascots (The Birds?) are featured in this 2014 Air Force v. Navy Spirit Video dubbed “Calamari – The Bird.” The mascots recreated Childish Gambino’s “Freaks and Geeks” rap with a few lyrics of their own. A preview: Alright you navy kids are asinine, we steal yo’ chicks to pass the time Mass appeal, flying time, you ride your ships, I’m sinkin’ mine Navy thinks their good, but beware Air Force is better AF swag so cold, best not leave your sweater yeah Air Force do it big, and these sailors ain’t…

The newly released iPhone 6 is getting all sorts of attention these days. And the Navy is using it to their advantage. In this Siri iPhone parody video, the “Go Navy, beat Air Force” spirit is in full swing before the Midshipmen take on the Falcons this Saturday at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Watch Siri’s sassy behavior shut down the conversation below: [HTML1]