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The blog CDR Salamander  includes posts about a wide range of naval topics — strategy, shipbuilding, diversity, fleet training, budgets and even new Japanese flattops that aren’t carriers. At all. But one of the blog’s most popular recent posts, at least judging by the 200-plus comments it has received in less than a week, is by an unnamed “recent graduate of the United States Naval Academy” who gets to his point fairly fast: “Division I football has its place in big state-schools, but amongst the comparatively small service academies it is a parasite that takes away admissions from more deserving candidates,…

[youtube][/youtube] It took us awhile, but we came across the genius work of CDR Salamander who runs a fantastic blog on all things Navy. Check him out. He was the first to break the story of Marcus Curry’s failed drug test at the Naval Academy. The video gives a blow-by-blow of the reaction at Sail Boat U.