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Team USA might be on the sidelines, but there’s no shortage of soccer fans in uniform who’ll be dealing with a case of World Cup Fever over the next few weeks. For those who find themselves overseas during the 2018 tournament, there’s some good news: American Forces Network will show World Cup action, either live or on tape delay, to troops across the globe. That wasn’t always a sure thing: AFN Broadcast Center director Catina Barnes said last week that securing broadcast rights required two years of negotiations and sign-off from more than 30 broadcast entities, including American provider Fox Sports.…

Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley. The first-year Vols coach compared his club to a young, inexperienced German force fighting the Allies during Normandy. “We’re like the Germans in World War II … like, ‘Oh my God, the invasion is coming.’ ” He said he didn’t “want the German people to get upset at me. I’m not attacking [them], but that’s what happened.” Not quite as bad as Bill Parcells’ quip several years ago about “Jap plays,” but surely this will draw some brickbats. Here’s a hint: analogies comparing football to (real) warfare, they fall flat.