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Three quick hits from around the web on a Wednesday morning: 1. Proctor resigns: Bill Wagner at The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital broke the news yesterday — Navy quarterback Kriss Proctor, who finished his senior season with a win over Army in December, has resigned from the Naval Academy and will not graduate. The resignation hasn’t been accepted, according to the report, but it likely will be, and was reportedly triggered by an alleged honor code violation. 2. Falcon free agents: Frank Schwab at The (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Gazette brings better news, reporting on the pro football dreams of Air Force…

Something to take away from Navy’s come-from-behind victory last night should be Ricky Dobbs’ passing performance — 219 yards. Remember, this is a guy who threw for 157 yards — in his first two games combined. Granted, Louisiana Tech doesn’t pose the defensive challenges that Maryland or even Georgia Southern do, but that’s a good omen for the future, in case the Mids find themselves again having to rally. Opening up the passing game, if even only slightly, is a good sign.