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Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz is in Norman, Okla., this afternoon to see if his alma mater can pull its second upset in a row against Oklahoma. The Falcons knocked off BYU last weekend. He is there to celebrate the Air Force’s 63rd birthday. Schwartz is a football fan. On a recent trip with Schwartz to Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., he told me he follows the Falcons throughout the season. He’s also become a bit of a Washington Redskins fan after all the year’s he’s spent in the nation’s capital.

Oklahoma fans apparently have a tradition of replacing “home of the brave” with “home of the Sooners” at the end of the national anthem before games. It’s a tradition that has generated some controversy in the past, and with Air Force coming to Norman this Saturday, Sooner coach Bob Stoops thinks it’s to stop. “Hopefully the people that are singing ‘Home of the Brave’ can be louder and stronger than most anybody that’s signing ‘Home of the Sooners,'” Stoops said at his weekly press conference. “I have great respect for these young men and all the academies, their service and…